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Hotel Torarica

We have furnished Hotel Torarica in Paramaribo with contract quality floor carpet of the brand Milliken. We have also furnished the flooring of the terrace and pool with royal Mosa tiles.

Subisco International

At Subisco International, a well-known wholesale company in Suriname, we have laid Mosa Tiles and the showroom has been furnished with furniture from Harmeling Interieurs. Harsons Industrial Products has installed aluminum ceilings from HunterDouglas. We have also installed their pneumatic tube system from Telecom business communication LTD. for an easy, fast and efficient transport of money and documents.

Central Bank of Suriname

De Central Bank of Suriname, and also other well- known companies in Suriname such as DSB, Republic Bank Suriname and the State Oil Company, were provided with Bruynzeel file cabinets.

Kersten Holding

We have provided Kersten Holding Co. in Paramaribo with office furniture from Mibra. Desk surfaces were delivered here with Volkern MDF and chipboard.

Adek - Anton de Kom University

All offices of the university have been furnished with office furniture from Mibra. Reading rooms have the most appropriate chairs of Ares Line, which are specialized in innovative seat systems.

Lucky Store

We have delivered the complete office furniture for the new office of Lucky Store. We have worked here with the modern and ergonomic desk chairs from Dauphin en desks and store solutions from Palmberg. It is also very beautiful to see that all furniture has been delivered in the color of their house style, which makes it even more beautiful.

National Archive Suriname

We have supplied the National Archive Suriname completely with mobile archive cabinets from Bruynzeel. The mobile archive cabinets make an optimal use of the available space by using only one entry. So the storage capacity of the archive is almost doubled, easy to reach and efficient. This results in a safe and optimally used archive space for all valuable documents.

Georgetown Hospital and New Amsterdam Hospital - Guyana

Both of these hospitals are typically turnkey projects. Harsons’ Healthcare Solutions has delivered and installed their medical instruments such as ICU monitoring and Operation room sterilization equipment. These equipment are also maintained by the experts of Harsons’ technical service. At the same time we provided for modern appliances for the kitchen and laundry.


SVZ - Sint Vincentius Hospital - Paramaribo

Harsons’ Healthcare Solutions has supplied the Sint Vincentius Hospital with diagnostic devices for ultrasound scan en mammography.


AZP Academic Hospital - Paramaribo

In this big hospital Harsons’ Healthcare Solutions is responsible for the supply, installing and maintenance of high quality anesthesia, sterilization and ultrasound equipment. We have also delivered the kitchen and laundry equipment.
Harsons’ Healthcare Solutions has installed a medical incinerator for this hospital. Furthermore, Harsons’ Architectural Solutions provided for hygienic vinyl floor covering from PlolyFlor for the thorax department.

Taamsclinic - Willemstad

Harsons’ Healthcare Solutions delivered the Sectra Mammogram equipment for the Taams clinic in Willemstad, Curaçao.


Radio Therapeutic Centre Suriname

Harsons’ Healthcare Solutions delivered the CT-Scan for the new Radio Therapeutic Centre Suriname of the Academic Hospital in Paramaribo.


Diakonessenhuis - Paramaribo

Harsons Healthcare Solutions has supplied the child ICU of this hospital with the latest generation "Baby Therm Infant Warming System" from Dräger Medical. This equipment is also maintained by the experts of Harsons’ technical service. 

Other Projects

Office furniture - VSH / Surinam Brewery  / SEMC – office furniture / VCB bank / Decorama / mobile archive – Godo / mobile archive– Surichange bank / office furniture – BDO / Tiles - Witte Lotus / Tiles- Raghoebarsing Construction Company/