Thermotherapy & neonatal care

Everything for the critical observation of newborns. From incubators, open warming beds and resuscitations to warming therapy lamps from Dräger. Everything needed to guarantee optimal care in the Nicu and picu.


Sterilization is of vital importance in hospitals and other medical facilities to safeguard a reliable risk-free patient care. Harsons supplies the medical sector with reliable quality products which are used worldwide. In consultation with you, the most suitable sterilization device from a large assortment is chosen.

Patient monitoring Systems

We are agent of various systems, which have been designed particularly to monitor critical patient data. The systems in our assortment have an established reputation worldwide of safety, quality and reliability. With assistance of our suppliers Schiller en Dräger our partners are provided with monitors which meet their requirements.


Our Draeger anesthesia devices are of the highest quality in safety, quality, reliability and performance. The ability to anesthetize gas accurately and securely is lead here to top performances. These systems are known for their use with ease and reliance in the Operation room, in MRI facilities as well as in the outpatient surrounding.

Oxygen supply

Harsons also provides for oxygen supply systems. Our systems have a perfect record when it comes to reliability, good regulatory capacity, constant oxygen accuracy – and pressure control. The PSA medical oxygen systems are made in accordance with the specifications of healthcare suppliers, that is to say by well-known suppliers with wide experience and flexibility in manufacturing for any situation. In cooperation with Drager we take care of the optimal gas distribution center in your health institution.

Radiological equipment

Harsons is a leading supplier of X-ray, ultrasound (ultrasound) and other diagnostic imaging equipment. With an extensive portfolio of Hologic equipment, Harsons offers specialists optimal support to make an accurate diagnosis with an up to date and extensive range of equipment. Our expert staff advises, installs and maintains a wide variety of medical diagnostic equipment from our reliable manufacturers, including: CT, Bucky, MRI, Bucky, US, XR and MAMMO.

Your partner for a suitable solution

A large part of our work is about turnkey projects. We don’t deliver here only standard products from our regular assortment, but we also respond to other needs of our partners with flexibility.  This is how we significantly contribute to a successful completion of your renovation, extension or upgrading plans. In cooperation with the other companies within the Harsons group and reliable extern business associates, we are able to facilitate and support you, our partner, with the procurement of different products you may need for your healthcare technological management.